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European Blood Alliance

European Blood AllianceDr. Gilles Folléa
Executive Director
T +31 (0) 6 228 09 178
E g.follea@sanquin.nl

Ms. Willemijn Kramer
EBA Secretariat
Plesmanlaan 125
T +31 (0)20 512 3291
F +31 (0)20 512 3755
E EBA@sanquin.nl

Plesmanlaan 125,
1066CX Amsterdam

About European Blood Alliance

The European Blood Alliance (EBA) is an association of not for profit Blood Establishments, with 22 members throughout the European Union and EFTA States. The Alliance seat is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and offices are located in Amsterdam and Brussels. Its missions are threefold:

  • To contribute to the availability, quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of the blood and tissue supply for the citizens of Europe by developing and maintaining an effective and efficient collaboration amongst European blood and tissue services.
  • To increase public and professional awareness of voluntary and non-remunerated donation (VNRD) of blood and blood components, as the basis for preparation of blood components as an indispensable therapeutic means to save patients.
  • To assist European blood establishments to continuously improve their performance based on scientific and ethical principles for the benefit of patients.

EBA strives towards these missions by assisting its members, through working groups, EU funded projects and networking

  • to improve performance through active collaboration between members,
  • to engage in regulatory affairs to promote best practice, particularly towards the European Commission and Competent Authorities,
  • to facilitate information collection, knowledge exchange, sharing practices and benchmarking.

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